22 November 2011

Compaq CQ40 LED Blink Error

dah 2-3 kali repair labtop nie... kali nie ada laptop x bleh boot....

lampu LED blink 4x....

error code dia bawah nie (solution dari hp).. bleh refer sini

Meaning of Sample Blink Codes for some EFI Notebooks
Number of Blinks or BeepsLocation of Blinking LEDsComponent Being CheckedError Condition
Continuous glowBattery power LEDBatteryThe AC adapter is attached and the battery is charging, but does not yet have sufficient charge to power the notebook.
1Caps Lock/Num LockCPUCPU not functional
2Caps Lock/Num LockBIOSBIOS corruption failure
3Caps Lock/Num LockMemoryModule error not functional
4Caps Lock/Num LockGraphicsGraphics controller not functional
5Caps Lock/Num LockSystem boardGeneral system board failure
6Caps Lock/Num LockBIOSBIOS authentication failure
Continuous blinkAC power adapter LEDPower adapterInsufficient power

cuma untuk laptop nie... ak cabut bateri.. n laptop bleh ON macam biasa... maybe bateri kaco graphic controler kot....

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